Spouse Visa In Qatar

Spouse Visa In Qatar: All You Need To Know

Understanding the complexities of a spouse’s visa process is essential if you plan to move to Qatar with your husband. Don’t Worry! We’ve got you covered!

Reuniting with your loved one in Qatar is an exciting journey, and understanding the spouse visa process is essential for a smooth transition. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in obtaining a spouse visa, covering eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and helpful tips to ensure a successful application.

Let’s dive in!

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How To Monitor The Progress Of Your Spouse Visa Application In Qatar

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In the comprehensive guide Spouse Visa in Qatar: All You Need to Know, you can find information on checking the status of your spouse’s visa application

Simply visit the Ministry of Interior (MoI) website and navigate to ‘Inquiries’ followed by ‘Visa Services’ and select ‘Visa Approval Tracking.

Accurately fill in all required details, and you can track the status of your spouse’s visa application efficiently.

Navigating Your Choices: What’s The Optimal Method To Bring Your Family To Qatar?

In obtaining a spouse visa in Qatar, you’re presented with two avenues: submitting your application directly or opting for the online route.

Regardless of your chosen approach, it’s imperative to meticulously furnish all necessary documents to facilitate the visa approval process effectively.

Upon successful approval, your family members will receive a one-month visa to ease their entry into Qatar.

Upon your family’s arrival in Qatar, there are additional steps to complete, such as undergoing medical tests and fingerprinting. These procedures are typically conducted post-arrival to streamline the entry process.

Alternatively, consider applying for a visit visa if you seek a more straightforward approach to bringing your family to Qatar. 

While this incurs an additional fee of 500 QAR, it offers the convenience of changing your visa status without requiring your family to depart the country.

Certain private sector employees may need to present a 6-month bank statement as part of the application process

This prerequisite ensures financial stability and expedites visa approval for families wishing to reunite in Qatar.

Essential Documents For A Spouse Visa Application In Qatar

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When applying for a spouse visa in Qatar, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Completed visa application form
  • Copy of passport’s photo and bio pages
  • Copy of Qatar ID card
  • Passport copies of all family members
  • Attested marriage certificate from Qatar embassy in your country, your country’s embassy in Qatar, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Attested children’s birth certificates from Qatar embassy in your country, your country’s embassy in Qatar, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • No-objection letter (NOC) from your employer in Arabic or a certified copy of the employment contract
  • Attested tenancy contract or company housing letter
  • Stamped bank statements from the last six months
  • Copy of company registration card or employer QID
  • Attested educational degrees or certificates
  • Translations of marriage, birth, and education certificates into Arabic private attestation companies in Qatar can facilitate.

Applying For A Spouse Visa Online In Qatar

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for a spouse visa online in Qatar:

  • Download and register for the Metrash2 mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Log in to your Metrash2 account after registration.
  • Navigate to the “Visa” section or find the corresponding icon on your screen.
  • Select the “Issue Visa” option and choose “Family Visit.
  • From the dropdown menu, opt for “Family Visa Application.
  • Click on “New Application” and fill in the required visitor’s details, including Gender, Relation, Date of Birth, and Passport Details.
  • Agree to the data validity terms and proceed.
  • Upload the necessary documents, including Birth Certificate, Passport Copy, and Passport Copy (Others). Ensure that all document scans or pictures are clear and legible.
  • Once all documents are uploaded, proceed to the next step.
  • Confirm that all documents have been successfully uploaded; this marks the final step of the application process.
  • After verification and approval, you’ll receive an application number within a few days to proceed with the fee payment. The department will notify you if any documents still need to be included.

Finalizing Visa Payment And Document Distribution

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Completing Visa Payment

Once your application is verified and approved, it’s time to proceed with the payment of visa fees. This can be done conveniently through the Metrash2 application. 

After completing the payment, you must download a copy of your visa from the Ministry of Interior website. Finally, send this visa copy to the visitor for their reference and use.

Offline Spouse Visa Application Process In Qatar

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Here’s a detailed guide on how to apply for a spouse visa offline in Qatar:

  • Obtain the Arabic visa application form required for a spouse visa application.
  • Please complete the form accurately and submit it with the necessary documents to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) service center.
  • A staff member will review your application. They may accept it or provide feedback, which could entail meeting with an Officer for final approval.
  • During the Officer interview, you’ll discuss the purpose of your visit to Qatar and your relationship with the sponsor. If satisfied, the Officer will issue a receipt.
  • This receipt includes a tracking number, which you can use to check the status of your spouse’s visa online after 2 working days.
  • Upon visa approval, return to the MOI center and submit your receipt.
  • You’ll then be required to pay the visa fee at the center or online through the Metrash 2 application.
  • After payment, you’ll receive a printed copy of your family visit visa, allowing you to book tickets for your family members.

How Can I Apply For A Spouse Visa Using Metrash In Qatar?

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Utilizing Metrash, an online platform offered by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar, streamlines various services, including visa applications.

To initiate a spouse visa application through Metrash, create an account and select the appropriate visa type. Then, electronically submit the required documents.

Remember that the documentation requirements for the spouse visa application may vary based on factors such as nationality, relationship with the Qatari sponsor, and the purpose of the visit.

It’s advisable to stay updated on the latest visa requirements and procedures by consulting the Ministry of Interior’s website or contacting the Qatar embassy in your home country for guidance.

Understanding The Cost Of Living For Families With A Spouse Visa In Qatar

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Regarding the monthly expenses of families living in Qatar under a spouse visa, it’s essential to consider family size, lifestyle, and location factors.

Major expenses typically include rent, food, transportation, utilities, and potentially education fees.

According to a 2021 report by Numbeo, Qatar’s cost of living is relatively high compared to neighboring countries. 

For example, renting a 3-bedroom apartment in Doha’s city center averages around QAR 7,500 (USD 2,058) per month, while groceries for a family of four may cost approximately QAR 2,200 (USD 604).

Creating a budget tailored to your family’s specific needs and preferences is advisable to manage expenses effectively.

What Are The Employment Regulations For Spouse Visa Holders Regarding Holding Multiple Jobs In Qatar?

In Qatar, it’s crucial for individuals holding a spouse visa to comprehend the regulations regarding employment. 

According to Qatar’s labor law, an employee with a spouse visa may not engage in simultaneous employment with two different employers without obtaining written consent from both employers and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

Failure to comply with this regulation can lead to severe consequences, including fines, deportation, or imprisonment.

 Additionally, it’s vital to acknowledge that concurrently balancing roles at multiple companies may jeopardize work quality and present logistical challenges due to conflicting schedules and responsibilities.

How Can I Determine The Opening Date For Spouse Visa Applications In Qatar?

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Understanding when to initiate the application process for a spouse visa in Qatar is crucial. Typically, the opening date for spouse visa applications can vary based on protocols established by the Ministry of Interior.

To stay informed, the Ministry typically announces the opening and closing dates for visa applications via its official website and social media channels. 

Monitoring these sources regularly for updates on visa application timelines is advisable.

Alternatively, you can seek assistance from the Qatar embassy in your home country or consult a reputable travel agency to obtain the latest information on visa application procedures and deadlines.

Submitting your spouse’s visa application well before your intended travel dates is prudent to avoid potential delays or complications.

How To Verify The Status Of Your Spouse Visa Application In Qatar

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To track the progress of your spouse’s visa application in Qatar, visit the Ministry of Interior (MoI) website and navigate to the Inquiries section, then select ‘Visa Services’ followed by Visa Approval Tracking.

Provide all necessary details accurately to access your spouse’s visa application status.


What Is The Fee For A Spouse Visit Visa In Qatar?

A Qatar spouse visiting visa costs a fixed monthly fee of QAR 200 (equivalent to USD 55).

What Is The Validity Period For A Spouse Visit Visa In Qatar?

The Qatar spouse visit visa is valid for one month, with the option to extend it to 6 months for immediate family members (spouse, children, and parents) and up to three months for other relatives.

How Can I Extend A Spouse Visit Visa In Qatar?

Extending your spouse’s visit visa in Qatar can be done through two methods:

  • Visit the MoI Service Center or the Ministry of Immigration office. Submit your passport and return ticket and pay the renewal fee of QAR 200 per month for each additional month.
  • Alternatively, you can extend the visa through the Ministry of Interior website through the online process.

What Constitutes A Spouse Visa In Qatar?

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In Qatar, a spouse visa, or a family visit visa, is a temporary visa for resident settlers to invite their spouse, children, parents, or other family members to visit Qatar. 

Typically issued for one month, this visa can sometimes be extended for up to 6 months.

Processing Time

Following fee submission, all spouse visas in Qatar typically require 7-10 days for processing. Upon approval, you’ll receive an application number to proceed with payment. 

Generally, the processing time for a spouse visa is a maximum of one week. However, in 2021, visa applications may take up to 4 weeks for some individuals.

Why Do Family Visas Face Rejection In Qatar?

One of the primary reasons for the rejection of family visit visas in Qatar pertains to the sponsor’s income or occupation. 

Suppose the sponsor’s salary equals or exceeds 20,000 QAR, yet their residency permit indicates a professional level lower than an engineer’s. In that case, the visa application is likely to be declined.

Is It Possible For A Wife To Sponsor Her Husband In Qatar?

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Under specific conditions in Qatar, a wife can sponsor her husband and children. This opportunity is available to wives with a residency permit for eligible professions, provided their salary is at least QR10,000.

Is It Possible To Update My Spouse’s Visa In Qatar?

Updating your spouse’s visa in Qatar can be done through the Metrash2 mobile application by making the necessary modifications. Additionally, you’ll need to process an online payment.

Is It Possible For Other Family Members To Obtain A Qatar Residence Visa?

Qatar’s Family Residence Visa is typically granted exclusively to spouses and children. Occasionally, parental sponsorship may be permitted, although it’s relatively uncommon.

What To Do If Your Spouse Visa Application Is Rejected In Qatar?

 You may contact the Gharafa Immigration Office and discuss your situation with the Visa Approval Committee if your spouse’s visa application has been rejected.

Entering Qatar With Entry Visas For Spouse And Children

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Your spouse and children can enter Qatar once all requirements are fulfilled. The visit visa is valid for one month from the arrival date. 

Subsequent procedures, such as fingerprinting and health tests, typically take 1 month. Transitioning to the next steps upon your family’s arrival with a Visit Visa is straightforward.

Securing Your Family’s Residence Permit Card

To obtain a Family Residence Permit Card in Qatar, you must visit your local Police Office armed with your Qatari ID card and recent photos and passport copies of your spouse and children. 

The initial Residence Permit fee for the first year stands at QR 500. Once you’ve completed the necessary paperwork and paid the fees, the authorities will inform you when the cards will be ready for collection.

Understanding Qatar Family Visa Fees (Per Person)

When it comes to Qatar Family Visa fees, it’s essential to be aware of the associated costs:

  • Qatar Family Visa: QR 200
  • Qatar ID Card (valid for one year): QR 500
  • Health Examination: QR 100

Remember that beyond these standard fees, additional charges may apply for services such as document verification and Blood Group certificates

Moreover, you can expect supplementary charges if you convert a Visit Visa into a Residence Visa without leaving the country.

What Are The Age Restrictions For Including Children In A Spouse Visa Application In Qatar?

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As you plan to bring your family to Qatar, it’s crucial to understand the regulations regarding adult children accompanying you:

  • Sons Aged 25 And Above: Sons who have reached the age of 25 are not eligible to be sponsored under their parents’ visas. Therefore, if you have adult sons, alternative arrangements must be made for their residency in Qatar.
  • Daughters’ Age Limit: Unlike sons, daughters have no age restriction until marriage. This means that daughters of any age can be included in your spouse’s visa application, provided they are unmarried.
  • Extended Residence Permit: For adult children who exceed the age limit, there is a provision to obtain a Residence Permit from their parents for an additional year. This extension allows them to seek employment or make other arrangements during their stay in Qatar.

Understanding these guidelines allows you to effectively plan and prepare for your family’s relocation to Qatar.

Securing Work Permits For Family Members In Qatar

Spouse Visa In Qatar 14

If any of your adult children or spouse wish to work in Qatar, they must obtain a Work Permit, which permits them to work legally in the country. 

This Work Permit can be obtained through the Metrash2 application, streamlining the necessary authorization process.


A spouse visa in Qatar offers several advantages for families:

✅ Family Reunification: It allows spouses to live together in Qatar, promoting family unity and cohesion.

✅ Legal Residence: With a spouse visa, spouses can legally reside in Qatar and enjoy the benefits of being a resident, such as healthcare, education, and other services.

✅ Employment Opportunities: Spouses holding a valid visa may be eligible to work in Qatar, providing an opportunity to contribute to the family’s income and gain professional experience.

✅ Access To Services: Visa holders can access various services and amenities in Qatar, including banking, transportation, and recreational facilities.

✅ Social Integration: Living in Qatar on a spouse visa allows individuals to become part of the local community, fostering social connections and cultural exchange.

✅ Children’s Education: Spouse visa holders can enroll their children in schools in Qatar, ensuring access to quality education for their family members.

A spouse visa in Qatar allows families to build a life together.


As you conclude your journey through the spouse visa process in Qatar, you’re one step closer to building a life together in this vibrant country. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying informed about the requirements, you’ve equipped yourself with the tools needed to navigate the visa application process with confidence.

Embrace the journey ahead with your loved one by your side, and embark on this new chapter in Qatar with joy and excitement!

Together Stronger!

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